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Livia Müller, dental implant in Istanbul

I had my dental implants via MedicalTravel and I am very glad. Treatment was in the same quality with the one here, the only difference was the price of the treatment and the medicines. Doctors and the staff were very friendly. MD. Bilhan speaks German and English very well. Despite the time is very limited, doctors worked for me especially until late hours in the evening. Besides, transfers from and to the airport was very good. It gave me a trust-worthy impression. Therefore, from now on, I will always prefer Istanbul for my other treatments, as well. I recommend MedicalTravel.

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 - Bericht vom Thursday, 20. December 2018

After researching various beauty clinics on the Internet, the homepage of medical travel impressed me the most.
I was interested in a nose tip correction. In order to get advice, I was able to have a personal conversation with the doctor to be treated, Professor Ersoy, by Mr. Kara in Zug.

After the conversation, I needed some time to think it over again.

By agreement, Mr. Kara has organized the whole journey for me; Flight, hotel, hospital stay, interpreter.

I was glad I did not have to worry about anything in this regard. And everything worked perfectly.

I was always picked up very punctually from the hotel. The hotel was excellent very spacious rooms and excellent breakfast.

The operation itself in the hospital went well. After the surgery, I once stayed in the hospital, which was also necessary after the general anesthetic. The room is very nice and absolutely clean.

The first seven days, the nose was plastered. After a week this was removed and a special patch attached. All threads removed.

After taking off the patch, the nose was still a few days swollen and the final result is coming. For me, the result was not immediately apparent, so I was a bit disappointed at first.

But now after six weeks in Istanbul I am very satisfied and see very well that the nose is finer.

After the operation, antibiotics and analgesics were given to me and I paid separately. All in all, everything is very well organized and absolutely professional.

For me, the operation was worth it.

Kind regards

Claudia Rudolf

aufklappenHigh Service/Best Results

 - Bericht vom Saturday, 22. March 2014

I just came back with my family from Istanbul. Like my topic says “High Service/Best Results. I would like to share my story to you and hopefully you make the step for Eye laser in Istanbul through Opens internal link in current windowMedicalTravel.

Last year a family member, who lives in Switzerland, has lasered his eyes in Istanbul, all organised by 
MedicalTravel. He told me about the great service and organisation. And he was right, everything is organised for you.

Three weeks ago, me and my family, travelled to Istanbul. When we arrived at the airport, the driver stood by the exit. He held a board with my name on it. The driver brings us to the hotel, very good and friendly hotel. On the day of my appointment, the driver picked us up from the hotel, correct on time, and bring us to the Hospital.

The Acibadem Hospital is a very highs tender hospital. We came in the hospital and there we were, welcomed by the mediator. He guided us to the whole process. He speaks English and German very good. The pre-examination takes about 90 minutes. Then there was the meeting with the Doctor, she explained the options about Lasik/Lasek/PKR. My cornea was a little bit thin so the best option was Lasek. 

The surgery was 90 minutes later so the mediator brings us to the restaurant. Very good restaurant and there was a playground for the children. Our children played there the whole 90 minutes. Then the mediator picked us up from the restaurant, on time, for the surgery. Total time surgery is 30 minutes and everything went well. I get my glasses on and the eye drops. Then the driver brings us back to the hotel. After the surgery you have a burning feeling in the eyes. It feels like sand/ cutting unions.

Next day, I have no pain at all. Final-check. There are no words to describe the feeling when you see sharp without your glasses/lenses, it’s amazing. The mediator was already waiting for us by the entrance of the Hospital. You feel so welcome. We were waiting for 2 minutes and the nurse calling my name for the meeting with the doctor. Results, I see 100 percent with both eyes.

The days after we had the time to see Istanbul, You must visit, the beautiful Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, Suleyman Mosque, The Galata bridge and don’t forget the boat tour Bosporus.

In short: SwissLasik organised for you the whole packages (flight, hotel, hospital, travel etc.) with great personal service. You can ask them everything. You will get your answers quickly, well spoken with great advice. 

Back in the Netherlands I will visit the eye doctor for the checks up after surgery. 

This was my experience with Eye laser and 
MedicalTravel. Best regards Natasja K.

best eye laser clinic of Turkey
The blau mosque by my lasik travel to Istanbul
Hagia Sophia museum by my eye surgery in Turkey
The modern eye laser clinic Acibadem
The lasik clinic in Istanbul
People are prapairing for their pray

aufklappenService, organization, a sensational hospital and great price!!!

 - Bericht vom Tuesday, 06. November 2012
November 06, 2012 Tuesday A year ago, I met someone from my post-education course who went to Istanbul with the help of Swisslasik for his eye operation. He told me a lot and soon, some other classmates went to Istanbul together. They were all very pleased and they really admired the place.  As I was 46, I had to buy Varilux eyeglasses for myself and that was supposed to cost me about 1.000 CHF. And I had to buy a new one in every 4 or 5 years. At that moment, it all became very clear to me; I was going to have a laser eye treatment.My choice was clear as I heard so many good things about Swisslasik. We went to Zurich and on the briefing night event, I learnt the details. We were informed very well and received satisfactory answers for all our questions and we went back with our conscious clear.

A week later, I contacted with Mr. Karaagacli and he sent us the offers. Then, I had a reservation for 3. My son, my daughter and I.Eventually, it was the 13th of October, time to travel; and we were all very happy. We had a very fine flight and a true gentleman welcomed us at the airport. Our hotel was at the city centre; it was a clean, calm and cute hotel. We discovered the city for 3 days and on Thursday; it was the time for my treatment. Hospital’s taxi took us from the hotel in the morning and once we arrived there, a fine gentleman speaking fluent my language welcomed us and as of that moment, he never left us alone. We asked every single question we thought of and we were feeling very comfortable and peaceful despite the treatment that waits. Excitement was usual of course but it all went well.
After some examinations and tests, we had a final conversation with our doctor. He was a very fine gentleman with a soft comforting voice; so I always felt that I was in good hands. Surgery took 8 minutes at most. Excitement, stress, and fireworks before your eyes... it all ended so quickly. Before the operation, they told me that lacrimation is expected for about 4 hours after the surgery and that light might disturb me or I might feel a slight stinging pain. But then, I was going to have a clearer vision. It all happened that way.The surgery was completely pain free and the next 4 hours was not really pleasant but it was tolerable.

We were taken back to the hotel and we slept for 2 hours. When we woke up, the world was completely different.We felt great the next day. We went shopping, of course while wearing sunglasses. It was truly wonderful.

My kid do not remember a day without eyeglasses but being able to see without wearing them was amazing but true!
I recommend Swisslasik to anyone. It all came out to be true.
Service, organization, a sensational hospital at a great price!!!

Martina Wälle

aufklappenExperiences of Dita Cecchin’ s in Istanbul on the 11th of September, 2012

 - Bericht vom Monday, 22. October 2012
written on October 22nd, 2012
I have been wearing eye glasses for about thirty five years. My myopia got worse at young ages and I decided to have a surgery when it eventually became 5 or 5.5, 5 dioptre.

It is a very disturbing thing to wear eyeglasses during your daily life at all times. Those who wear eyeglasses regularly know that better ;-). I was wearing contact lenses on special occasions. I also had to wear these when I was skiing, riding a motorbike, in the sauna and when I used to sail on boat as I live in Bodensee lake. Yet, as my eyes dry quicker, I was feeling relieved. But without them, I was like a blind mole. 

I always dreamt of a laser eye treatment that I could afford. However, I was also very afraid of the possible complications. To risk an already weakened eye sight via a surgery was a horrible thought.A few years later, there were great medical improvements and I started searching on the web when I almost decided to have a surgery. I looked for one in my own country, the Czech Republic and in a neighbouring country, Germany. Then, I saw Swisslasik. I really liked the honest and detailed style on their pages. When I saw the briefing night invitation in Zurich city, I decided to investigate further!

It was a very informative and formal night as I was accompanied by my encouraging husband. I was completely convinced by the qualified and sincere attitude of Mr. Karaagacli, the company manager, and MD. B. Cosar.  It was all very comfortable, informative and fluent; I didn’t feel under pressure even for a minute. I said “yes, I am feeling comfortable and peaceful here” to myself. By the way, after a short period of time, a friend of mine told me how happy one of his colleagues is as he regained his sight in Istanbul thanks to Swisslasik ;-).

My husband and I were thinking of sailing on the southern coasts of Turkey in autumn; so I decided to combine them all in a practical way: a great time sailing, then my laser eye treatment and of course, meeting this famous city called Istanbul!

Our communication with Swisslasik was really perfect from the very beginning. It was really problem-free and very quick. Soon, I had the appointment I wished for. Soon after the travel, I received my Swisslasikpass as every other patient; including my personal data, appointments and some very useful for my accommodation in Istanbul. Everything we need was in this tiny booklet. Great! Now it was time to start the journey.

After a very enjoying sailing adventure, Tolga called me. He has been my companion and translator since the first day we came to Istanbul. He greeted me and asked how I feel a short while before the surgery. It was a very polite behaviour. We had our own hotel reservation as there were other sailors with us. It was the Nena hotel in the old city centre of Istanbul. I definitely recommend it. That great view on the breakfast terrace was unforgettable.

The other day, at about 7 in the morning, the vehicle sent by the hospital came and took me to the hospital. When we arrived, I was very surprised to see a very modern and clean hospital. I wasn’t expecting such a high quality standard, to tell you the truth. It was a very pleasant feeling.

A while ago, my own ophthalmologist said that my eyes were available for laser treatment; therefore I didn’t have the detailed pre-examination in Switzerland. I was very glad when my doctor’s diagnosis was confirmed by Acibadem hospital. Tolga, who welcomed me at the hotel entrance, did not leave me alone during this whole process and he really helped me. He was a very polite person and he is also a very active and talent organiser giving me comfort and peace.

All my values were fine and I was able to be operated on the same day, afternoon. I was very comfortable when I learnt that my surgeon was going to be MD Banu Cosar whom I knew from the briefing night in Zurich. Her positive and sincere approach and attitude actually really affected and comforted me. All operational stages were expressed in details and it was translated from English to German in case needed. Before the surgery, I even had the opportunity to see a small, modern and clean operation room. My eyes were locally anaesthetized by eye drops; no injection was needed.

The surgery was complete in a very short period of time such as fifteen minutes and I experienced the professional and meticulous work of all operation team. Even wearing the eyelid holder was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. The instructions of my companion who always accompanied me at all times were really helpful. Laser applied on each eye was very short; I think it was like twenty seconds. It was completely tolerable. There was no pain but just an odd feeling. The eyes were being humidified for comforting purposes. I went to the waiting room once the surgery was complete. I was almost like having a clear vision after a slight fog. It was an amazing feeling. I had a stinging feeling on my eyes for a very short time and they started to stream. Half an hour later, the doctor checked my eyes and it was alright. I could now go to the hotel and rest via the taxi waiting for me. I was shocked when I discovered how clearly I could see while watching outside with the protective eyeglasses I was wearing. As I have just arrived the hotel, I dropped the first eye drops and I got comfortable and had a nice sleep.

After three hours of sleep, I felt like I was reborn... I had no complaints and had NEW EYES that could see!!! I never thought it was going to be that easy ;-) We had a night out in Istanbul for a fine dinner, and of course, by wearing protective eyeglasses. 

I was taken to the hospital in the morning the other day. Left eye was perfect and there was a slight allergic reaction on the right eye. I had no pain but I felt a slight difference between two eyes. MD Cosar comforted me by saying that this is sometimes expected and she calmed me down by saying that I need to be more patient. The brain is going to complete the balancing function. Other than that, values were really fine. I was thinking of having my medical checks by my own ophthalmologist. 

For the next two days, we managed to enjoy the splendid beauties of Istanbul. What we have seen and experienced were amazing. Mosques, parks, the Bosporus and its intense sea traffic, hospitality of the people, great restaurants, tea houses and bazaars... A unique combination of an unforgettable experience and a surgical appointment. Wait for me Istanbul, I am coming again!

Now I can tell this to anyone who is still afraid of having a surgery: Build up your
courage, you won’t regret! Besides, it was an incredible price. I am enjoying every day thanks to my new sight and I sincerely thank Swisslasik for this new life quality of mine.

aufklappenVacation and Mammoplasty with silicone implants of 250 ml combined in Istanbul

 - Bericht vom Monday, 15. October 2012
Written on October 15th, 2012 Monday 12.10.2012
Aesthetic surgical experience of 26 years-old Ramona S.

After terrible treatment with a macro lane gel, I decided to have a one week vacation in Turkey to compensate the damage. In 2012 Spring, I had a macro lane gel included treatment by a dermatologist in Switzerland. I had bigger breasts by being injected 140 ml of hyaluronic acid gel into each of my breasts. As I was afraid of getting a surgery and surgery related scars, I thought injection was a fine alternative. 

It all seemed allright at the very beginning. Although the difference was not very obvious, it was very important for me to have bigger breasts. I was glad with the result at that point. My purpose was to see how my breast shape changed and grow bigger before I decided to have a surgery for sure.Regrettably, the holes through which macro lane gel was injected turned into swellings and caused a visible and perceivable unpleasant look. Therefore, my dermatologist had to release some of the hyaluronic acid gel piled inside by re-opening these injection wholes. Yet, these holes were not exactly closed and even weeks later, a significant amount of gel was leaking.

Gel piled up greatly on my right breast and when the gel in the size of a small apple was released, the difference between two breasts became visible. Therefore, we had to release the gel on the left breast as well. In order to remove the remaining gel, dermatologist reopened these holes and tried to remove as much wasted material as possible.Due to the unpleasant result of the procedure, my doctor did not charge for a great amount of the expenses, reasonably and the doctor also refunded some of the material expenses, as well. Apparently, my doctor applied macro lane treatment to more than three hundred women and she never came across with this unpleasant case other than mine.
As I had been through so many things and as I still had no improvement on the size of my breasts; I decided to have a mammoplasty in order to be placed an implant. I started to search the internet and I received information on the possibilities, process and costs from the surgeons in my neighbourhood. Mammoplasty operation is very expensive in Switzerland and the surgical operation performed by a Swiss surgeon does not necessarily have to be better than that of a foreign surgeon. Once I discuss this issue with my friends who had mammoplasty abroad, I saw that mammoplasty applications abroad were better and more professional. When it is considered that aesthetic surgeries are more often abroad in comparison to Switzerland, and when I consider the terrible experience I had before, I had a stronger trust in surgeons abroad in terms of experience and work routine.
Then, I saw Swisslasik on the internet and I contacted with this intermediary company first via e-mail, then personally. I had all the information I was looking for through a very quick and sincere consultancy service. The size of the breasts and other details will be determined after seeing the doctor in Istanbul. I preferred Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul and an appointment was settled for the pre-examination by the aesthetic surgeon.  

When I landed, my companion welcomed me and we were driven to the hotel in private car. The driver was very punctual. He took me from the hotel to my pre-examination appointment at the hospital right on time, on the other day. Due to a special condition resulting from a terrible macro lane gel experience, the surgeon requested an ultrasound examination in order to see the remaining amount before placing silicones of 250 ml into the breasts. He did not want to start a surgery without knowing how the remaining material was spread all over my breasts and also without evaluating the relevant infection risks! I definitely approved these pre-examinations as I really wished that the infection risk was low. Besides, it was very nice to see that the doctor was really worried about my health and did not prefer a surgical operation without being sure.

He told me that he would not accept the surgery as it would risk my and his safety if the remaining waste material had been too much.Ultrasound results showed that both breasts had a little amount of macro lane gel on breast lines. Besides, on the left breast, a small amount was also injected into pectoral muscle as well! It was of course impossible to remove the gel in the pectoral muscle. This one had to be resolved by natural ways and that would take about one or one and a half year as of the injection date.

Once the doctors had my results, the surgeon agreed on a surgery. He was going to remove the gel as much as possible before placing silicone implants. In addition, in order to reduce the infection risk to minimum, he insisted on that I should stay in the hospital for at least two days and I agreed. Then, the surgery might be started the other day.

The surgeon drew the markings in the preparation room and last details were discussed. Then I was taken to the operation room via a stretcher bearer after wearing surgical gown and supportive socks. Once I was transferred from the stretcher bearer to the operation desk, I was given narcosis and I had a peaceful and comfortable sleep. I couldn’t exactly realize that the surgery ended when I woke up. Therefore, I asked doctors when they would start. They told me it all ended and it was successful. When I looked at my breasts to see the result, I immediately realized the difference and the perfect result. After a short period of resting, I was taken to a single room. The hospital room in Acibadem Maslak was very well decorated and I didn’t have anything missing for the next two days. Nurses and caregivers were very sincere and compassionate. Food was delicious. It was a mixture of traditional Turkish cuisine and modern cuisine. For each meal, they were bringing two trays so that my companion’s food was always ready.

After second night, drainages were removed. Pain was in the limits. Especially in the mornings and late evenings, there was an uncomfortable pressure. Yet, I was able to manage either with few or no pain killer a couple of days later. My breasts were swollen and their skin was tight for a couple of more days, naturally. It was supposed to take two or four months in order to have soft breast skin and the final shape of the breasts.

However, right after the surgery and after these two days, I was able to see that they had a beautiful and big look. The result was beautiful and symmetrical. I was very pleased with my new body shape! I was allowed to leave the hospital in a happy and healthy mood and thus to enjoy Istanbul for a couple of days. A couple of days later, before I return home, doctor did one last medical check at the end of my 10 days Istanbul journey. I felt no pain during the flight and I had no problem in any of the days or weeks afterwards. It has been two months since the surgery. scars are naturally a bit red but recovery process is very fine. The supportive bra they gave me at the hospital is a perfect match; I wear it day and night, even for sports.

I can only talk about good things about my surgery in Turkey and I am very comfortable while recommending this place to those who would like to have an aesthetic surgery.

aufklappenMy laser eye treatment in Antalya-Turkey via MedicalTravel

 - Bericht vom Thursday, 02. August 2012
written on August 2nd, 2012 Thursday

I decided to get rid of my eyeglasses as they were really disturbing and restricting me. However, I had to look for the alternatives as laser eye surgeries are so expensive that I cannot afford in Switzerland. I found several hospitals on laser eye surgeries abroad.

My first impression on MedicalTravel’s website was that it was professional as they were constantly organizing briefing nights where you can ask any question to the operating doctors and receive information without feeling any obligation. It was also trustworthy to see that it is possible to have the pre-examinations in Switzerland. It was also possible to see the costs via the clear and exact price list on their website. I contacted with MedicalTravel via e-mail very quickly and easily. 
I also decided to have laser eye treatment at a hospital in Antalya, so that I was going to be able to combine it with my summer holiday in Side/Turkey.I set my appointment via e-mail and everything was organized including our arrival, return, surgery, nightly stay, pre-examinations and medical checks. They also answered the questions in my mind. It was possible to get in touch with MedicalTravel in a very easy and simple way.

Before my travel, I was given my MedicalTravel-Pass, a very useful guide including all important information, phone numbers, very useful information on the country, touristic places.Two days before the surgery, my translator called me in order to inform me about what time I was going to be driven to the hospital and the daily plan.

Driver picked me on the day of surgery and drove me to the hospital. I was welcomed by the translator. He told me about what was expecting me that day and he was there with me all the time in order to translate everything. Then pre-examination started. Everything was explained in details. When the pre-examination was about to start in the noon, we went to lunch with 5 other patients from Germany. At around 15.00, my surgery started and as I was very well prepared for the surgery, I exactly knew what was coming. For both eyes, the surgery took 20 minutes in total. I felt no pain during the surgery and I just felt a slight pressure on my head afterwards. I slept for a couple of hours. I was very shocked to see that I had no pain other than the feeling of pressure on my head. In the evening, I was able to read the first text messages on my cell phone without my eyeglasses :-). I had my medical check in the next morning and everything was alright. Then I was given an information page including how many times I was supposed to use the eye drops and what I should be careful about the following weeks after the surgery. Then the driver took me to my hotel.

For the first 2 days, I had to wear sunglasses as my eyes were light sensitive. I was very glad that I could live without wearing sunglasses and I am still very happy. I felt like I got free from a huge burden, I got free from those disturbing eyeglasses. I believe I am in good hands at the hospital working with MedicalTravel in Antalya and I can recommend that place to anyone. 

Urs Köpfli from Wohlen AG- Switzerland had a surgery in Antalya on July 20th, 2012

aufklappenMy liposuction surgery in Istanbul Acibadem Hospital

 - Bericht vom Sunday, 07. August 2011
written on August 07, 2011 Monday

I was being disturbed by the fat in my hips and thighs for a very long time. I couldn’t slim these areas no matter which diet or sport I tried. I was making a web research on surgeries. I looked through the consequences and possible risks very carefully. I found too many positive experiences written by the patients. Results looked truly perfect. Then, I also decided to have a liposuction. Now the only thing to do was to find the right surgeon. A colleague of mine had been to Istanbul for eye surgery; that gave me the idea of going to Istanbul for a surgical operation. I also liked the idea of being on vacation and coming back from it as a changed person. I requested information on the surgeon from Swisslasik and they immediately send me his resume. As far as I could see, Mr. Sukru Yazar was the best address for aesthetic surgeries.

First, I found the idea of being operated in Turkey a little weird; yet, when I thoroughly considered it, the risks were equally the same everywhere.A virtual tour was available for the hospital and at first sight, I was really impressed. Then I decided to have a surgery and I applied.

We flew to Istanbul from Zurich with my colleague. The driver of Acibadem Hospital met me at the airport and took me to the hospital for my pre-examination by the surgeon. At the hospital, my companion, Seyma, welcomed me. She could only speak English but as I am very fluent in English, that was not a problem. After giving my ID information, I was at my appointment with the surgeon. He looked at my body and showed me where he should remove the fat and told me the risks once more. We also talked about narcosis; and as I did not favour narcosis and anaesthesia expert also came. I requested local anaesthesia. Then they took my blood and I was taken back to my hotel. Driver picked me up at 07.00 and took me to the hospital on the other day. They showed me my room and when I was settling in, the doctor came and he marked the areas where the fat was to be absorbed. Then narcosis expert came and he discussed the narcosis type I would like to have with me. I was taken to the operation room soon. I was given narcosis and I was half asleep. I didn’t feel the surgery at all. I was woken up 2 hours later and they told me that the operation ended. I stayed in the awakening room for a while and then the nurse took me to my room. I was feeling very good but  a little dizzy. A couple of hours later, Mr Sukru Yazar came to be informed about my well-being; he asked me whether I was in pain or not. I was given a serum including pain killers and I was also given food. As it is important to stand up after the surgery, a nurse came and helped me stand up. I was a little dizzy until I went to the restroom, but I was able to walk. The nurses were all very sincere and paid a lot of attention to me. Although we had sometimes difficulty while communicating, thanks to gestures, we overcame anything. Late hours in the evening, I was able to walk on my own. I stayed at the hospital for a night and I was able to see my hips and thighs for the first time. As it was all covered in bruises, I managed to see that there was a significant change on my hips and I was very glad. They gave me a prescription and described me how I was going to take my medicine. Then a young lady brought my medicine to me. When it was the time to leave the hospital, the driver took me to my hotel. I can say I was very glad with the hospital. The service was excellent and the single room was just like that of a hotel’s. It was really perfect!

I was very tired all day but I walked from time to time. I started to feel the pain now. It was similar to muscle stiffness.

The night was fine thanks to the medication. I took a shower the other day. Everything was just fine but the pain was going on and the movements were very stiff. Surgery spots were looking very gross. But as I was informed very well, I knew this was all normal. I event saw the Grand Bazar on the same day but I got tired very quickly and I was very relieved when we went back to the hotel.

I flew to Switzerland the other day. The flight was fine and I was glad to come back home. I could get rid of the special clothing they gave me and have a bath. The pain was significantly less and I could move much better. I had a great sleep after travel.

Today, 4 weeks later than the surgery, I do not feel any pain and I do not have any bruises. Scars are so small that they are almost invisible. Although it is too early to see the final results, I am glad to see what I am looking at! 
Jeanette Kramer

aufklappenMy dental treatment in Istanbul

 - Bericht vom Saturday, 06. August 2011
Written on August 6th, 2011 Saturday

Patient’s condition and background at the beginning:

I always had problem with my teeth and especially with my gum. Therefore, annual dental check and dental cleaning was an indispensable obligation for me. After my 45th birthday, gum disease became visible. Dental bearing loss in gum disease starts with the bones and tissue and bond and then move towards gum. Dentist aimed at stopping this as much as possible. This was followed by a dental cleaning for six months and then by a periodontal curettage with open treatment stages. During these treatments, relevant sections are surgically opened and cleaned and periodontal pockets were filled with spare periodontal material. Although this was very expensive, the result was not successful and at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, incisors on upper and lower jaw were swinging.

Once calculating the costs for the most reasonable solution – that is the removable bridge prosthesis for upper and lower jaw, each consisted of at least four teeth- ; I decided to find a more certain and reasonable solution as these bridges will not fix the real problem and will cost about 12.000,00 CHF. As a result of certain examinations, the most reasonable choice will be fixed spare teeth and implants. This was closer to what I was thinking for as I wasn’t feeling myself ready for fake teeth yet, because of my age.

Estimate cost in Switzerland was 70.000,00 CHF.

I had some acquaintances who had very good results for a more reasonable price
abroad (such as Hungary and Germany). Therefore, I received offers from dental treatment suppliers in Hungary, Germany and Istanbul. I found the relevant addresses on the internet, along with other information. I had three addresses I wished to receive more detailed information. Two of them were in Hungary and one of them was in Istanbul. 

The reason why I decided to have my treatment in Istanbul via Swisslasik is that I visited this company at their own booth in St. Gallen vacation fair and they gave me the impression that they were very good and qualified. They also provided reference addresses and I had an idea by contacting one of them. In addition, I also enjoyed that Swisslasik organized all the details including flight, hotel, and transfer etc. on your behalf. In addition, I also had personal connections who had their laser eye treatments with Swisslasik and who could provide me with details on the process.

The 1st Istanbul visit (5 days), three sessions:
My husband and I took a direct flight to Istanbul on March 29th, 2011 and we were welcomed by a driver who will take us to the dental hospital.  - Tuesday evening: pre-examination, x-rays, discussing the method to be applied -Thursday evening: 28 teeth of mine were taken out and temporary prosthesis applied. -Saturday afternoon: medical check and correction on the prosthesis before going home

Dentist Bilhan welcomed us warmly with his fluent English and at that moment I was relieved of my fears. Anaesthesia was really fine and I felt no pain. Then I was given pain killers to feel relieved during my first visit to Istanbul. The only problem was the problem of English communication during the correction procedure on the prosthesis before our return as Dr Bilhan was not available. However, Ms. Selda Arat had a very delicate and exquisite work despite that. 

Medical check at the dental clinic in Zurich: I took this opportunity as I was supposed to travel to USA for a one week vacation after our trip to Istanbul. Everything was checked again and the remaining stitches were removed. As swallowed areas were disappearing, prosthesis started to move. Therefore, they prepared a soft support there immediately and I really felt very comfortable with this.

I was able to eat almost everything, even a steak. I went to Zurich once more when
we returned from the holiday and they confirmed that the recovery was really fine. They also had an x-ray in order to make sure that there is no inflammation in depths. Thank God, it was all alright. There was a very qualified treatment, information and consultancy service in Zurich, as well.
The 2nd Istanbul visit (in July, 7 days), three sessions: I was accompanied by my sister, that time. We were taken from the hospital to the dental office.
  • Saturday evening: placing the implants, structuring the bone, antibiotic treatment
  • Wednesday evening: medical check, setting up temporary prosthesis
  • Saturday morning: removing the stitches and placing temporary prosthesis

Dentist Bilhan started to place the implants. According to the plan, 6 implants were going to be placed on the upper jaw and the other 6 was going to be placed on the lower jaw. However, the procedure lasted a little bit longer as it required a bone restructuring on the upper jaw. I was again anaesthetized in order not to feel pain
and this was repeated for the lower jaw.

However, dealing with all of this at once was psychologically a bit too much. I was sitting on the dentist’s chair for almost three hours. However, Dentist Bilhan recommended me to complete the upper jaw this time and visit him again for the lower jaw. This wasn’t what I wanted. I thought I could have it all finished on a single day. Equipped with antibiotics and pain killers, I managed to taste the joy of summer in Istanbul. Before I go back home, stitches were removed on Saturday and corrections were made.

Despite all, I am very glad to have teeth that I do not have to remove all the time. And I hope this is my last dental visit in the long run.

The 3rd visit to Istanbul This visit will be in January 2012. I will have my dental crowns set and I hope I will be comfortable for a couple of decades.  Although people in Switzerland have a doubt against dentists abroad, I actually enhanced my own courage and I do not regret. Istanbul has a very good reputation in terms of general dentistry and the prices are one third of the ones in Switzerland. If I have to be honest, visits to the dentists in Switzerland are also not pain free and you also feel another pain when you see the bill!

I found Swisslasik organizations very professional and hotels were very good (I stayed once at Levent Hotel and once at Taksim Hotel). People are cheerful and friendly. We were welcomed at the airport to be taken to the hospital and we were taken from the hospital to our hotel again. The driver was very punctual for every appointment.

Between the sessions, we had time to see Istanbul and its surroundings. There are so many places to see such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. You mustn’t forget the islands, as well.

Finally, I would like to thank you all and I guarantee you that I will always recommend your company. I already did actually ... 
Marlis Koch, Engelburg, August 6th, 2011