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Our in vitro treatment in Istanbul in July, 2011.

I had four surgeries (fallopian tube pregnancy). After this, we decided in vitro fertilization treatment.  However, we couldn’t achieve a successful result in Switzerland. I had six in vitro treatments and they all became unsuccessful.  One day in May 2011, my husband made a web search and he found MedicalTravel for IFV treatment in Turkey. There was a seminar in Zurich on another day and there we met MedicalTravel and we contacted it. Then, we decided to have an in vitro treatment in Turkey. MedicalTravel organized everything for us, including the flight, welcoming service etc. We flew to Turkey and now we are very happy.  Acıbadem was a very good hospital, it was very clean, hygienic and its staff was very sincere and cheerful. Treatment lasted for about 10 or 12 days, and the operation had no problem. My surgery was on 17.07.11 and then the successful transfer took place on 22.07.11. Then we went to Switzerland. The only thing we were supposed to do here was to have our blood tested by our family doctor. I received the good news on the same day, the result was positive! We were very happy after several trials. We found the happiness in Turkey. The result was a success and our dream came true. I recommend this experience to anyone. Your happiness awaits somewhere; we’ve found ours in Turkey!

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Lasik-TechnologieBehind the success and reputation of LASIK treatments in Acibadem eye clinic, there is high technology as well as an experienced team.

The basic provision of having excellent results is a correct and sound diagnosis. Therefore, diagnosis systems in WaveLight are adjusted to the laser devices in the best way. By means of particular software, measurement results are transferred to the laser system and thus, an absolute and safe treatment is achieved in compatible with the individual needs of the patient’s eye in the perfect manner.

WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400Hz, is the most update, the fastest and the newest laser eye device accepted by American FDA (food and drug administration) on the market.

The hospital uses advanced technology micro-ceratomes and femtosecond laser technology.


  • Neu WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400Hz/400Hz
  • WaveLight Allegro T-CAT Topolyzer
  • WaveLight Allegro A-CAT Analyzer
  • Hansatome Mikrokeratomes

New Allegretto Wave Eye-Q has received the highest efficiency and success point and it is the safest laser system on the market with its 400Hz feature.


SicherheitAs our eye health influences our life quality, the fundamental principle of a successful treatment is safety.  WaveLight laser devices have an innovative security principle: Perfect Beam Technology. This technology is developed in order to have a treatment application by considering all angles and slopes of the cornea.

Due to that all optical compounds are preserved in a way that environmental conditions such as humidity and heat cannot reach; the operation is closed to any undesirable exterior factors.

High-speed eye sensor monitoring the eye movements 400 times per second focuses laser beams completely and adjusts them in less than 6 millisecond. Therefore, the treatment continues in an eye-centred way even if the eye moves.
The treatment process is supported by preventing the dryness of the eye based on thermal influences.

Sight Quality

Eye-Q, an advanced technology of Wavefront method, preserves the natural shape of the cornea and improves the night vision and contrast sensitivity (an ability to perceive similar colours such as seeing a grey cat at dawn) as well as it decreases the sensitivity against light reflections. This system offers about more than 20/20 (100%) visual ability after the treatment. This increased visual ability is called “Eagle Eye” as the eagle has more than 20/20 visual ability in day and night.



Eye-Q system has a frequency of 400 laser impulses per second. Therefore, the myopia or hypermetropia treatment lasts for about 8 to 10 seconds; that is almost the same amount of time required to fill a cup of coffee. It is seen that laser treatments with a shorter period of time require a shorter time for healing process and that the post-surgery infections and corrections appear less.


Why is it so much important to be treated with the most modern and the fastest laser technology?


1. Laser eye treatment applications with older systems have a 25 per cent mistake ratio. Patients treated with these older systems usually have the night vision problem. 

2. In myopia and hypermetropia treatment, old fashion lasers disrupts the natural structure of the cornea. Besides, after the correction process, sharp points appear, making the perception more difficult. Our Wavefront optimized technology and professional team preserves the natural shape of the cornea thanks to the additional support of laser impulses.

3. The long period of operation in old fashion lasers requires a longer period of healing and as a result, the infection risk is greater and this causes corrections more or less.

Allegro T-Cat Topolyzer
 Allegro T-Cat TopolyzerA successful treatment of the sight deficiency requires an exact and accurate diagnosis. Our hospital uses the newest Allegro T-Cat Topolyzer system. Thanks to its extra-ordinary resolution resulting from the great placido disk consisted of 22.000 measurement points, this new Allegro Topolyzer is the most ideal device for laser correction applications. Allegro Topolyzer is in perfect harmony with T-Cat software and Wave Eye-Q Excimer laser system. All required treatment and patient data is transferred to Wave Eye-Q laser from the topolyzer through the data transforms. And that makes it possible to calculate individual ablation profiles for every patient’s eye. And that means that our surgeons can change certain treatment parameters individually at any stage and it also provides a certain keratoconus diagnosis for us.

Allegro A-Cat Analyzer
Allegro A-Cat Analyzer

In order to attain a collaboration of the technologies and the best result, we also use Allegro A-Cat Analyser system. This analysis system is especially adapted for Wave Eye-Q and it enables for the surgeons to have wavefront measurements based on the Tscherning principle. And therefore, the surgeon can check whether the records are kept properly or that all the measurement points are valid. This method provides an advanced security against invalid measurements deriving from the local deficiency inside the patient’ optical system; and thus reduces the risk of wrong treatment to a great extent. Our hospital offers you a personalized laser treatment with the latest technology that makes it possible to apply all kinds of laser treatment by means of aberrometer method.


Hansatome technology

Our eye center also has innumerable micro-ceratomes and equipment consisted of new micro-ceratomes offering the opportunity to determine the flap thickness based on individual eye and cornea structure of every patient. Thus, all equipment and supplies are sterilized daily and so that, we can use sterilized equipment and supplies only, for every patient.

This micro-ceratome makes it possible to have a very delicate cut of the cornea layer as well as to decrease the average flap thickness to 90 microns from 130 microns. Micro-ceratomes are of single-use for every patient.



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