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Mladen Milic, an electrician born in 1971, had a surgery in May in 2008

Briefing and travel organization supported by MedicalTravel was completely successful and flawless. It is very rare that customers feel themselves very well supported in another place. I believe, Mr. Leoni Karaagacli deserves the appreciation for this. Furthermore, I found the companionship and greeting services very professional and respectful. The surgery was explained to me by a team fluently speak my language and it was perfectly performed. The result has been a clear vision without glasses since the surgery in Istanbul. I will always be grateful to MedicalTravel and the team in Istanbul for all my life. 

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Tempting prices we offer for your dental treatment in Istanbul, Antalya and Kusadasi-Izmir

ServicesOur price**Average costs in CHSavings for the same quality
Tooth extraction 8615064
Canal treatment27015001230
Ceramic veneer4551250795
Crown / piece of dental bridge41020001590
Half prosthesis140425001096
Complete prosthesis108030001920
Implant845-12003500 - 40002657-2800
Laminate veneers5501500950
Tooth whitening380-1300600-2500220-1200

* Prices are per tooth and in CHF currency.
** Prices might differ according to the material used. The right to make price changes is reserved without prior notice.
*** In case of treatment

In order to allow us plan your treatment, please fill in this Opens internal link in current windowform completely and deliver it to us with your x-ray if possible. Once the hospital goes through your form, we will issue a detailed cost analysis for you. You may submit your x-rays and the cost calculations of your doctor to us via e-mail. You may find our address information under the “Opens internal link in current windowcontact” title.

You make all payments in Turkey, without the requirement of an advance payment. You may pay cash in Swiss Franc, Turkish Lira or Euro; it is also possible to pay via credit card or money transfer.


Clinics have a certain warranty policy in order to meet the expectations of our patients and thus to ensure their trust in us sustains.

This warranty policy guarantees complete or partial repayment as well as the renewal of the treatment completely or partially free of charge.

I-     In case any filling (composite, ceramic or gold) fell out in the first two years, renewal is free of charge. Incidents below are not covered by this guarantee.
a)    When the filling fell out due to an accident (Trauma: car accident, or a stone in rice)
b)    When a further canal treatment on the same tooth damages the filling

II-    Implants: In case implant falls out within 6 months, then 50% of your money is refunded or you are promised a new treatment with a 50% discount.

III-    The warranty period for removable prosthesis is limited to 2 years. After 2 years, we recommend a removal. Guarantee does not include the teeth drop down from the patients’ hand and therefore it does not cover the expenses for the broken prosthesis (fake teeth)

IV-There is 5 years warranty for the renewal of dental crown-bridges. Damages related to accidents are also not covered here.

Flight prices

There are great differences in flight prices. These prices depend on the airline company as well as the dates you would like to travel. It is possible to determine a price between 200 and 500 Swiss Franc. We can help you find a flight suitable for you.


Hotel prices
There are hotels with various prices from 55 to 80 Euro per night in Turkey, depending on the hotel you would like to stay.

For instance, accommodation for a single night at Opens external link in new windowLevent Hotel in Istanbul is 55 Euro and the hotel is very close to several shopping malls.
Please request the prices for the hotels in Antalya and Kusadasi. These can be combined very well with the flights.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to Opens internal link in current windowcontact us.

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