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Quality on 365 days a year, all disciplines of modern dentistry under one roof, top modern, unique practice ambience and much more, awaits you during a visit to the attractive new SWISS CENTERDENT in Istanbul.

The dentist works simultaneously in Istanbul and Zurich. This allows us to offer post-treatment as well as follow-up in Switzerland. This is a must, especially for orthopaedic cases. Only in this way can we now be pleased to offer braces treatments in Istanbul with the necessary follow-up checks in Zurich.

It is also possible to offer dental implants in Istanbul, and their crown in Zurich. So you would not have to go to Istanbul twice.

Braces with brackets, removable and fixed braces
Tooth corrections are possible in children, adolescents and even adults. While jaw anomalies should be treated in growth, aesthetic corrections are age independent. Provided a healthy periodontium (periodontal) and a good oral hygiene. Depending on the tooth and jaw malposition, removable or fixed appliances are used.

Fixed appliances (brackets with wires) are traditionally attached to the front of the teeth. In adults, however, they are often glued to the tongue side and are therefore invisible (lingual technique).

Invisible Braces in Istanbul
The Invisalign method uses translucent, virtually invisible aligners (rails) that are custom-made and replaced every two weeks with new aligners. At the beginning of the treatment, the final result can be simulated by means of a virtual treatment plan. With each set of new aligners, the tooth position is continuously optimized. The aligners are removable, comfortable to wear and efficient in treatment.

Veneers and Lumineers in Istanbul
Veneers are thin, tooth-coloured ceramic shells that are glued to the front of the teeth to improve dental aesthetics. Indications include enamel defects and fractures, persistent tooth discolorations, stains, dental malformations, and tooth position optimizations such as tooth decay. the gap closure between two anterior teeth and slight tooth misalignment corrections.

The visible tooth surfaces are ground down very thin, the tooth substance loss is limited to a minimum. With new modern bonding techniques, the veneers last much longer compared to those of Hollywood stars such as Marylin Monroe or James Dean, who barely held a shooting day.

Lumineers are ceramic veneers that are glued to it without any prior preparation of the tooth. Whether veneers or Lumineers are used depends on the type of correction, the position of the teeth and the goal to be achieved and must always be decided individually.

Other treatments such as crown, dental implants, root canal treatments, fillings, inlays / onlays are also offered in Istanbul in Swiss quality.

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