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Livia Müller, dental implant in Istanbul

I had my dental implants via MedicalTravel and I am very glad. Treatment was in the same quality with the one here, the only difference was the price of the treatment and the medicines. Doctors and the staff were very friendly. MD. Bilhan speaks German and English very well. Despite the time is very limited, doctors worked for me especially until late hours in the evening. Besides, transfers from and to the airport was very good. It gave me a trust-worthy impression. Therefore, from now on, I will always prefer Istanbul for my other treatments, as well. I recommend MedicalTravel.

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Discover how sympathetic your smile can be. This is possible with a professional dental treatment at Veske dental clinic in Antalya. Your wish to have a perfect smile will be granted at this private dental clinic in Antalya and you will pay up to 70 per cent less than the prices in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, with the same or even better quality!

The clinic is at the city centre in Antalya and therefore it is easily accessible. You may also combine your treatment with a vacation in Antalya 

The dental clinic in Antalya is managed by the dentists, Dr. Ms. and Mr. Veske, having a great experience in dentistry.Dent Dr. Ms. Veske

Root canal length measurement device makes tooth decay and canal treatments painless, without the need of being anesthetized. Besides, it is also possible to apply certain dental and gum surgeries in a painless way without the need of being anesthetized. In these operative processes, there is almost no pain or bleeding.

The dentists successfully apply all sorts of implants, wisdom teeth extraction, prosthesis, dental bridges and similar treatments.

In their clinic, they also have a very modern dental laboratory of themselves. Here, their dental technicians can prepare all sorts of high quality, removable prosthesis such as complete ceramic dental crown and zircon for your personal needs.

Besides, it will also please you not only with its high standards but also with its comfortable treatment and waiting rooms and its hygienic standards.

Dental treatments require care and meticulousness. You can find all of these and more at this professional dental clinic in Antalya.

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