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Our in vitro treatment in Istanbul in July, 2011.

I had four surgeries (fallopian tube pregnancy). After this, we decided in vitro fertilization treatment.  However, we couldn’t achieve a successful result in Switzerland. I had six in vitro treatments and they all became unsuccessful.  One day in May 2011, my husband made a web search and he found MedicalTravel for IFV treatment in Turkey. There was a seminar in Zurich on another day and there we met MedicalTravel and we contacted it. Then, we decided to have an in vitro treatment in Turkey. MedicalTravel organized everything for us, including the flight, welcoming service etc. We flew to Turkey and now we are very happy.  Acıbadem was a very good hospital, it was very clean, hygienic and its staff was very sincere and cheerful. Treatment lasted for about 10 or 12 days, and the operation had no problem. My surgery was on 17.07.11 and then the successful transfer took place on 22.07.11. Then we went to Switzerland. The only thing we were supposed to do here was to have our blood tested by our family doctor. I received the good news on the same day, the result was positive! We were very happy after several trials. We found the happiness in Turkey. The result was a success and our dream came true. I recommend this experience to anyone. Your happiness awaits somewhere; we’ve found ours in Turkey!

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Modern Dental Clinic in Antalya
Modern Dental Clinic in Antalya

Discover how sympathetic your smile can be. This is possible with a professional dental treatment at Adali dental clinic in Antalya. Your wish to have a perfect smile will be granted at this private dental clinic in Antalya and you will pay up to 70 per cent less than the prices in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, with the same or even better quality!

The clinic is at the city centre in Antalya and therefore it is easily accessible. You may also combine your treatment with a vacation in Antalya 

The dental clinic in Antalya is managed by the dentist, Dr. Adnan Adali. Dr. Adali has a great experience in dentistry.

Your experienced dentist in Antalya, Dr. Adnan AdaliDr. Adali studied dentistry in Ankara University between 1975- 1980 and he successfully graduated from dentistry in 1980.

Dr. Adali studied dentistry in Ankara University between 1975- 1980 and he successfully graduated from dentistry in 1980.
Between 1980 and 1985, he lived in Germany with his wife, who is originally German and here, he learnt German and worked at a dentist’s office who is expert on maxillofacial surgery. He had the opportunity of attaining a great occupational experience and thus he had the opportunity of attaining treatment methods known in Germany. He also speaks English.


Since 1985, he has been working in dentistry at his own office founded a 250 m2 , including 2 treatment rooms, with the help of latest technology equipment and devices such as RWG (Computerized x-ray), laser device, dental tooth colour detector device, root canal length measurement.

Root canal length measurement device makes tooth decay and canal treatments painless, without the need of being anesthetized. Besides, it is also possible to apply certain dental and gum surgeries in a painless way without the need of being anesthetized. In these operative processes, there is almost no pain or bleeding.

The dentist, Dr. Adalı successfully applies all sorts of implants, wisdom teeth extraction, prosthesis, dental bridges and similar treatments.

In his office, he also has a very modern dental laboratory of his own. Here, his dental technicians can prepare all sorts of high quality, removable prosthesis such as complete ceramic dental crown and zircon for your personal needs.

Your experienced dentist in Antalya, Dr. Adnan AdaliBesides, it will also please you not only with its high standards but also with its comfortable treatment and waiting rooms and its hygienic standards.

Dental treatments require care and meticulousness. You can find all of these and more at this professional dental clinic in Antalya.

In this office, 4 dental assistants and one dental technician work. Two of these assistants were born in Germany; they received their dental assistance trainings in Germany. Therefore, you have no problem while communicating in language and your feel like at home.







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