Prices aesthetic treatments Istanbul turkey



Tempting prices we offer for your aesthetic surgery in Turkey:

Treatments Prices*
Face-lifting from 4860 CHF
Nose Reshaping from 3420 CHF
Ear reshaping from 2575 CHF
Mammoplasty from 4120 CHF
Breast reduction from 3600 CHF
Breast lifting from 3600 CHF
Liposuction from 2880 CHF on
Abdominoplasty from 4860 CHF
Eyelid surgery from 1980 CHF on

* The listed prices are in CHF currency. Prices might differ based on the material and method used. The right to make changes in the prices is reserved. For mammoplasty, implants are in prices included. By combi operation you will get discounts up to 50%.

Transfers among airport-hotel-clinic are also in prices included. The in Istanbul treated patients can also have their post examinations on the patient days in Switzerland without any charge.

The following services are included in the above prices:

– Our consultation
– All transport among airport hotel clinic
– English speaking transplators by doctor controls
– Treatment in the hospital in the operating room and medications in the hospital
– All pre- and post-examinations in the hospital
– Hospital stays in a luxurious single room including meals
– Medical travelpass
– Pre- and post-control options in Switzerland (valid for Istanbul)

Planning your travel

In order to allow us plan your treatment, please fill in this contact form completely and deliver it to us. You may send relevant photos via WhatsApp (078 737 35 41) or to our e-mail address

You pay us in advance.

Flight Prices
There are great differences in flight prices. These prices depend on the airline company as well as the dates you would like to travel. It varies between 200 and 500 Swiss Franc. We can help you find a flight suitable for you.

Hotel prices
There are hotels with various prices from 75 to 95 Euro per night in Turkey, depending on the hotel you would like to stay.

The Hotels in Bodrum, Izmir, and Antalya we can Combine with flights.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.